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VIBSCO - Forward Thinking, Innovative Solutions.

A Solution Provider for your Software Needs

VIBSCO's Affiliate Partner Program offers any individual or organization the opportunity to earn an extra income from referring clients to VIBSCO. There are no obligations or fees for joining our Affiliate Program. The sole responsibility of a VIBSCO affiliate is to refer people or businesses to us whenever possible. Our Affiliate program is great for everyone. It allows serious, full time marketers to make a great living, while also allowing part-timers to build a second income.


How It Works:

After you sign up and are approved, VIBSCO will issue you a referral ID. We use the referral ID to track your referrals and ensure that you receive sales commission from those referrals that become sales. The referral ID is also a discount code for your referred customers to use on their first purchase. The referral ID will therefore ensure that you get a sales commission for any transaction the customer makes from that point forward. This way, both you and those you refer benefit from the VIBSCO affiliate program.

The VIBSCO Affiliate Program is a two tier referral program that allows you directly refer customers and other affiliates to VIBSCO. This way you can earn a First Tier commission from the customers you refer and a Second Tier commission from the customers referred by affiliates you have referred. At the second week of every month, the payments received in the previous month from clients referred by our affiliates are calculated according a compensation schedule and a check is issued and mailed to our affiliates.


How Commission is determined:

Commission percentage is calculated according to the calendar year and defined by a simple formula based on the two-tier referral compensation schedule below. The sales commission percentage an Affiliate can earn is directly proportional to the amount of money his/her referrals generate in sales per calendar year. Sales commission percentage is therefore determined by commissionable sales, which are the amount of money VIBSCO receives from referred customers. We use progressive levels. That means that until the calendar year is over, the sales commission rates increase as total transaction revenues increase. Only the portion over the threshold of each tier qualifies for the higher commission rates. Every referral that results in VIBSCO getting paid is a referral that earns you a percentage of the sale and brings you closer to passing into the next percentage bracket. Once the calendar year ends, the referral compensation schedule begins anew and you go back to the base point that sales commission is calculated at.

Referral Compensation Schedule

Starting Until First Tier Second Tier Customer Discount
$ 0.00  $ 1,000.00  % 5.0 % 0.5 % 3.0
$ 1,000.01  $ 5,000.00  % 7.5 % 1.0 % 3.0
$ 5,000.01  $ 10,000.00  % 10.0 % 1.5 % 3.0
$ 10,000.01  $ 25,000.00  % 12.5 % 2.0 % 3.0
$ 25,000.01  $ 50,000.00  % 15.0 % 2.5 % 3.0
$ 50,000.01  $ 100,000.00  % 17.5 % 3.0 % 3.0
$ 100,000.01  $ 500,000.00  % 20.0 % 3.5 % 3.0


In February of 2006 Mark became a VIBSCO affiliate. By the end of the calendar year he had already referred 30 customers to VIBSCO, 20 of which became sales, totaling $15,000 in sales. Although 20 contracts had been signed between VIBSCO and the clients referred by Mark, only 15 of the 20 had paid VIBSCO by the end of the calendar year. Since sales commission to be distributed is calculated according to how much VIBSCO gets paid, Mark had actually achieved $12,500 in commissionable sales from the 15 clients that paid VIBSCO. The remaining 5 were designated as pending and will be calculated once the customers pay VIBSCO.

Mark's total sales commission at the end of the calendar year was therefore calculated for $12,500. According to the referral compensation schedule below, by the end of the calendar year Mark received $1,162.50 in sales commission from commissionable sales.

Referral Compensation Schedule for Mark

Sales Commission % Commission Amount
$ 12,500.00    $ 1,162.50 
$ 1,000.00  % 5.0 $ 50.00 
$ 4,000.00  % 7.5 $ 300.00 
$ 5,000.00  % 10.0 $ 500.00 
$ 2,500.00  % 12.5 $ 312.50 

Mark, however, had also referred Jane to sign up as an affiliate with VIBSCO. Jane signed up with Mark's referral ID in March of 2006 and became Mark's Second Tier affiliate. By the end of the calendar year Jane's referrals had resulted in $26,000 in paid sales to VIBSCO. Just like Mark, Jane's commission was determined according to the referral compensation schedule below. So by the end of the calendar year Jane had earned $2,875.00 for those referrals that paid VIBSCO.

Referral Compensation Schedule for Jane

Sales Commission % Commission Amount
$ 26,000.00    $ 2,875.00 
$ 1,000.00  % 5.0 $ 50.00 
$ 4,000.00  % 7.5 $ 300.00 
$ 5,000.00  % 10.0 $ 500.00 
$ 15,000.00  % 12.5 $ 1875.00 
$ 1,000.00  % 15.0 $ 150.00 

Since Jane was a Second Tier affiliate of Marks, her commissionable sales were calculated according to the Second Tier affiliate referral compensation schedule below, giving Mark a Second Tier affiliate commission percentage as well. At the end of the year Mark earned $445.00 from Jane's commissionable sales.

Referral Compensation Schedule for Jane as Mark's Second Tier affiliate

Sales Commission % Commission Amount
$ 26,000.00    $ 445.00 
$ 1,000.00  % 0.5 $ 5.00 
$ 4,000.00  % 1.0 $ 40.00 
$ 5,000.00  % 1.5 $ 75.00 
$ 15,000.00  % 2.0 $ 300.00 
$ 1,000.00  % 2.5 $ 25.00 

Throughout the year both Mark and Jane had been accumulating sales through their referrals. On the second week of every month, each of them had received a sales commission for the monthly revenue they generated for VIBSCO in the previous month, while Mark had also received a smaller sales commission for the money generated by Jane's referrals. Every time they passed a price threshold in the compensation schedule, they advanced to the next commission percentage. By the end of the calendar year Mark had earned a total of $1,607.50 ( $1162.50 + $445.00 ) and Jane a total of $2875.00. With the calendar year over, Mark and Jane begin anew and start from the lowest commission percentage on the Referral compensation schedule.

Hopefully they will outdo themselves and earn more in 2007!!