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VIBSCO - Forward Thinking, Innovative Solutions.

A Solution Provider for your Software Needs

In today's competitive business environment, the most effective way to improve the return on your investments is to acquire the right partners. A Strategic Partnership with VIBSCO will help you deliver the cutting edge solutions that potential clients look for, while providing you with new revenue opportunities. VIBSCO's Strategic Partner program is designed for a broad range of categories that span training services, networking, IT services, backend infrastructure, and strategic consulting, among others. Regardless of the industry, we can set-up a Strategic Partnership that will work to increase our customer base and revenue together.

As global solution providers, VIBSCO's Strategic Partners have an added advantage when helping their customers meet business-specific objectives. Featuring VIBSCO Products and Services helps our Strategic Partners gain a competitive advantage. By leveraging VIBSCO's products and providing expert services for them, Strategic Partners come to be seen as problem solvers in the industry. The Strategic Partnership helps increase the value of your products and services and allows you go grow you customer base.


How it works:

Our Strategic Partner program allows you to earn revenue from any sales VIBSCO makes as a result of your partnership. It is a relationship based on a two way commitment. VIBSCO's Strategic Partners commit to generating a defined amount of sales per year, helping VIBSCO penetrate new markets around the world. The Strategic Partnership is of course a two-way relationship and VIBSCO commits to rewarding its partners with commissions much higher than that offered to our Referral Affiliates.


Collaborate and Grow:

Our Strategic Partners are also encouraged to participate in the development of new solutions by sharing ideas that have the potential for becoming solutions for different industries. Depending on the involvement of the partner and success of the undertaking, VIBSCO is willing to share any profits acquired from such endeavors.

Are you interested in extending your company's market reach, expanding your customer base, and earning recurring revenue? With VIBSCO you can do all that, while also helping your customers automate their business processes, reduce IT costs, make better decisions, and improve collaboration within their organization.


  - Earn higher referral revenues

  - Generate add-on service business

  - Use VIBSCO products to enter new markets and increase customer base

  - Differentiate your business by aligning with a market leader

  - Get sales and product training from VIBSCO

  - Gain access to the partner knowledge library

  - Use VIBSCO to increase the value of your products and services for your own customers

  - Serve as a trusted technology advisor to your customers


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