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VIBSCO - Forward Thinking, Innovative Solutions.

A Solution Provider for your Software Needs

A lot has changed in the world of business. The traditional methods for operating an organization no longer work in today's business environment. Business challenges require dynamic and powerful solutions that not only solve problems but do so in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. With an infrastructure modeled on efficiency, adaptability, and scalability, VIBSCO - iSolution delivers the dynamic and versatile technology solutions that businesses need to strive in today's complex and ever-changing business environment.

VIBSCO - iSolution was designed to take into account the particular needs of different businesses. Organizations with unique business requirements that are not currently addressed in any of the iSolution modules can rest assured that VIBSCO's modular, object-based architecture lets each iSolution system be designed around any-sized organization's current or growing requirements. All of iSolution's modules can be quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively enhanced or supplemented in order to provide a precise solution that optimizes operational efficiency and fulfills even the most unique of business requirements.

VIBSCO - iSolution Modules:


System System:

The System Module is the core of iSolution. As the base of all other iSolution modules, the system module connects iSolution's back-end to its front end and provides an extremely intuitive user interface for all the iSolution products

  The Security module is the security foundation for iSolution. This advanced module gives you the capability to create or delete users and workgroups, while also managing the rights and restrictions for your iSolution. The Security Module allows you to restrict the usability/access of any module, class, object or feature/function in iSolution according to user, time, and location, ensuring complete control over your business and system security.
Entity Management
  Much of iSolution's core processes revolve around the manipulation of classes and objects and their relationships. The entity management module allows you to create, store, manipulate, and group entity objects such as persons, workgroups, departments, companies, or organizations. Because the entity object has a global scope in iSolution, Entity Management also governs the relationship between different entities, handling all the various links and pieces of information that tie them together within iSolution.
Project Management
  iSolution's Project Management module is an adaptable powerful solution set that leverages VIBSCO's iSolution technology to provides you with powerful and flexible project management tools that help you manage your organization's projects more efficiently and effectively. Robust workflow features streamline team collaboration, ensuring that team members and managers remain informed of project progress. Project planning and tracking tools gives you complete control over your projects, allowing for the optimal utilization of resources so you can plan and guide your project to its successful completion. iSolution's Project Management module minimizes the possibility project disasters, increases overall business efficiency, and ensures the likelihood of project success and customer satisfaction--all of which translates into increased revenues.
Event and Time Management
  iSolution's Event and Time Management module helps you organize your day, manages priorities, and the tracks worked hours to ensure the most efficient use of time and resources. iSolution's Time Management tools streamline time-entry procedures, allowing your employees to seamlessly enter billable and non-billable time while you manage and track their work in a cost effective and time sensitive manner. The modules Event Management features help plan and manage events such as meetings, presentations, appointments by utilizing iSolution's flexible calendar and appointment functions, while intuitive task management features allow you to create tasks to keep organized and on time. By saving time and managing scarce resources, the Time and Event Management module increases overall reliability, productivity, and profitability.
Information Management
  iSolution's information management module handles all the data within iSolution in a revolutionary way. Today, most of the worlds software uses an archaic methodology for the management of information, inefficiently hard coding data into the applications database. Often times, this static approach prevents the flexible management of information. Information is handled so inefficiently that the scalability of data is virtually impossible without creating superfluous entries into the database. iSolution handles information very differently. Data is organized logically and managed with dynamic simplicity. iSolution's Information management module gives you the flexibility you need to manipulate, manage, and expand your data any way you want so that your information can seamlessly adapt with your organization's ever changing needs.
Document Management
  iSolution's Document Management module allows you to store, retrieve and attach files of virtually any format through a flexible and user-friendly interface within iSolution. With advanced version controls and extensive audit trails, anyone with sufficient privilege can easily access and update documents without creating new copies or losing previous versions of the file.
  The Workflow module automates and implements business processes within iSolution, allowing you to manage and conduct specific workflow processes accurately, efficiently. The Workflow Module streamlines your work assignment processes by automating time and task sensitive events that your business depends upon. Designed for flexibility and growth, the Workflow Module automates business processes and work flows within and across organizations.
  Designed for a globalizing economy, iSolution's Integration Module creates bridges between systems and industries, by allowing for the seamless transmission and translation of information. As a universal gateway, the integration module screens all incoming and outgoing data to determine the data standards in which it is encoded. After loading the correct deciphers it translates the information to be read and processed within the incoming or outgoing system, depending on which direction data is being transmitted in. The integration module enhances your overall business processes and expands the flexibility of your organization. By creating intra and cross-industry communication and integration, iSolution's integration module removes all barriers between businesses and technologies.

Financial Managment Financial Management:

The prosperity and continued growth of any business is dependent on the effective management of its finances. VIBSCO's Financial Module is a customizable package that can be added to the iSolution package depending on the unique needs of your organization. iSolution's Financial Module provides fully integrated financial management solutions that help you transform the way you record, track, and access the critical financial information your business depends upon.
VIBSCO's Financial Modules help your business automate and streamline all the various fiscal processes of your organization so that you don't have to invest in the maintenance of a full blown financial department or worry about micromanaging every aspect of your business.

[ GL ] General Ledger
  iSolution's General Ledger module serves as a repository for information, collecting and consolidating data from all your other iSolution Finance modules. In one easy to manage window, General Ledger quickly provides you with a picture of your business's financial situation, allowing you to make difficult mission critical decisions, accurately and easily. General Ledger is designed to help your business overcome its financial challenges essential to the future of your business. By keeping you informed and in control of organizational finances, General Ledger speeds up decision making, lowers costs, and helps you plan for the future.
[ AR ] Accounts Receivable
  iSolution's Accounts Receivable module is a comprehensive billing and accounts receivable system that puts you in control of your business finances. Accounts Receivable allows you to create, track, and record invoices, ensuring that your organizations entire receivables process is managed in an efficient and profitable manner. iSolution Accounts Receivable streamlines credit management and client account administration, keeping you informed so that you can effectively manage incoming assets and improve the cash flow of your business.
[ AP ] Accounts Payable
  iSolution's Accounts Payable module streamlines the management of your company's cash flow processes, making it easy to keep track of your organizations expenses. With its comprehensive and flexible accounting features, iSolution's Accounts Payable provides accurate and efficient access to information critical to the financial health of your organization. With a fine tuned framework for the processing of invoices, bills, expenses, and discounts, iSolution's Accounts Payable helps ensure the best possible conditions for profit maximization.
[ OE ] Order Entry
  iSolution's Order Entry module helps you manage your customer orders in an organized and flexible way. Quickly enter sales information, manage inventory items, and track orders from one simple yet versatile window. Designed to increase the efficiency in workflow, Order Entry can be configured to follow an automatic ordering procedures based on module presets or user defined rules. Whichever way you chose to manage your orders, iSolution's Order Entry reduces errors, improves performance, and keeps customers happy, all the while, saving you time and money.
[ PO ] Purchase Orders
  iSolution's Purchase Orders module is a complete purchase order processing system that enables you to easily manage a wide range of vendor and inventory information. With enhanced functions designed to help maintain vendor information and manage the ordering of goods and services, the purchase order module gives you the ability to create, approve, and manage your purchasing process. While the option to attach photo's and notes to each inventory item reduces the potential for placing an order for the wrong item. The purchase orders module integrates with the Accounts Payable module to deliver more effective management of your purchase transactions, vendor base, and inventory, while its integration with the General Ledger module enables easy posting of journal entries into the General Ledger, ensuring your accrued purchases are properly documented.
[ IN ] Inventory Management
  iSolution's Inventory Management module is designed to manage all your inventory-related transactions. Inventory Management delivers the real-time information that is essential to making informed decisions about management of inventory. By maximizing your inventory usage while decreasing order lead time, Inventory Management reduces the possibility of excessive and inadequate inventory investment, streamlining the entire inventory process to maximize productivity. Ultimately, iSolution's Inventory Management module equips your business with all the mechanisms it needs to effectively translate its inventory into profit.
[ PY ] Payroll and Time Tracking
  iSolution's Payroll and Time Tracking module is a powerful, integrated solution that streamlines your entire payroll process by customizing your payroll to meet the unique demands of your organization. Flexible payroll capabilities such as the automation of tax dedications and pay schedules built into Payroll and Time Tracking help you eliminate much of the hassles associated with the payroll process, while sophisticated time tracking functionality helps you and your employees seamlessly keep track of work to be billed. By increasing the speed and accuracy of your payroll process, iSolution's Payroll and Time Tracking improves your overall payroll process, saving you time so that you can focus on the strategic, profit generating aspects of your business.
[ BG ] Financial Forecast and Budgeting
  iSolution's Financial Budgeting and Forecasting module integrates your current business processes with financial and operational planning to deliver a complete financial reporting solution tailored to the specific requirements of your business. The modules comprehensive features provides you with the visibility needed to quickly and confidently prepare complete budgets and financial forecasts for your organization. By improving the overall business performance across your organization through valuable analysis tools, Financial Budgeting and Forecasting allows you to transform ideas and plans into actions and results. With real-time access into all levels of your organization's financial data your managers gain not just control over the entire budgeting process, but also the critical insight necessary to anticipate challenges and plan for long-term strategic success.
[ AD ] Audit and Reconciliation
  iSolution's audit and reconciliation module streamlines your cash management operations and provides your organization with the ability to accurately track and balance all its cash activity. By automating the monthly reconciliation process, the Audit and Reconciliation Module searches through your books and bank statements, detects discrepancies, makes corrections, and reconciles the inconsistencies between your books and bank statements. With iSolution's Audit and Reconciliation module your organization will conduct its auditing operations more efficiently and effectively, resulting in a minimizing of its financial errors and a maximizing of its bottom line.

E-Commerce E-Commerce:

iSolution's E-Commerce Module offers complete e-commerce solutions to businesses seeking to maximize their success through internet commerce. The E-Commerce Module helps your organization market and sell your products and services in a competitive and customer friendly manner. The E-Commerce Module is completely customizable based on your business requirements. The module includes a secure and highly intuitive shopping cart that supports a wide variety of payment methods, and promotional/coupon discounts, while its marketing features track customer purchase histories in order to increase the efficiency of customer service and help with targeted marketing campaigns. iSolution's E-Commerce Module uses leading edge technology to help you ensure the highest return from the sales of your products and services online.


Medical Practice Management Medical Practice Management:

VIBSCO's Medical Practice Management module delivers flexibility, manageability, security, reliability, and scalability all at an affordable price. Designed to fit your organizations unique requirements, the Medical Practice Management Module helps your practice manage its flow of data and finances in an intelligible and flexible way. It gives you the overall picture you need to assess the health of your practice in order to make decisions that are critical for its future. Meanwhile, your managers and support staff gain the tools they needs to maintain efficient workflow in the office and guarantee patient satisfaction and increased revenue.

Patient Management
  iSolution's Patient Management module, like much of the other industry specific modules in iSolution, is an adapted version of other core iSolution modules. By integrating and further developing iSolution's Entity Management and Information Management module's, we have been able to create one of the most intuitive and flexible Patient Management modules on the market. It's user interface has been completely customized for the medical field, while its functionality has been fine tuned for the specific function of Patient Management. This method of development lowers both developer and user costs and increases efficiency and user experience, ensuring that our customers remain satisfied and productive.
[ EDI ] Electronic Data Interchange
  iSolution's EDI Module is built upon the foundation of VIBSCO's integration module. Coded for compliance with the ANSI ASC X12 and HL7 standards, iSolution's EDI module works in unison with the Workflow module to completely revolutionize the way you handle insurance claims and EOBs. With Immediate eligibility verification, intuitive electronic claims and remittance processing, and electronic patient statement functionality, iSolution's EDI module eliminates the obstacles slowing down the payment process, cuts costs and delivers unprecedented speed and efficiency to your practice.
[ EMR ] Electronic Medical Record
  iSolution's EMR module is the integration between two iSolution modules--Document Management and Information Management. With a completely customized user interface along with medical specific features and functions, iSolution EMR allows you to digitally create, store, edit, and retrieve patient charts on a computer. With digital document and information management capabilities iSolution's EMR serves as a complete replacement for the traditional paper based chart system. By storing all the information you previously recorded in the patient's paper chart, iSolution's EMR replaces the huge file cabinets in your office and streamlines the management and accessibility of your patient information. VIBSCO's iSolution EMR improves clinical efficiency, patient care, and administrative efficiency, while reducing costs, increasing accuracy, and enhancing revenues.

Legal Practice Management Legal Practice Management:

iSolution's Legal Practice Management Module is an intuitive solution designed to bring efficiency, flexibility, and scalability to your legal practice. The iSolution engine allows you to customize the Legal Practice Management Module according to your business requirements, providing you with the features you need to streamline your workflow, improve efficiency and ensure the profitability of your firm or practice.