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VIBSCO - Forward Thinking, Innovative Solutions.

A Solution Provider for your Software Needs

Most software is developed with minimum resources and unrealistic deadlines as an immediate response to specific business requirements. Long term issues are overshadowed by what's most immediate and unfortunately, corners are cut. This is the standard operating procedure for software development today.

Consequently, future enhancements and updates are almost always developed with insufficient regard to efficiency, compatibility, adaptability or scalability causing the maintenance and enhancement of software to become extremely difficult, expensive, and time consuming. Naturally, this situation leads many developers to forego the daunting task of having to rewrite software to meet new business requirements and instead opt out for an ad hoc, minimalist approach to project management and life cycle development.

The result of all this: An inflexible and highly convoluted solution unnaturally bundled together in order to "just get the job done."

This is a danger to overall workflow and extremely detrimental to the prosperity of business.

Just because immediate business requirements are met, it doesn't mean long term ones are. In fact, they are usually overlooked. What was meant to be the cheapest and quickest way to solve a problem, in fact turns out to be the most expensive and problematic, leading to organizational stagnation and malaise.

This method of solution development is a danger to overall workflow.

Our team of experts have, however, devised a solution for this condition. With our roots in a number of fortune 500 companies and consulting firms, we have spent years learning and refining a methodology for effective project and business management.

Experience has given us a new outlook on the way software should be developed and how it should interact with business in particular.

Software is currently understood in terms of industry rather than function--this is a problem. Research has shown us that most components found in software are in fact independent of any particular industry. Over the years, we have identified the core software components commonly used by all industries, and although the user interface might change from industry to industry, the functions are fundamentally the same.

At the heart of many of the problems and expenses that are associated with the development of efficient business software today, is a lack of appreciation for this concept. At VIBSCO, however, this principle is the core of our business model and the logic behind all our products.

VIBSCO has developed a foundation platform not bound by the specifications of any one single industry , with an infrastructure modeled for efficiency, compatibility, customizability, and scalability. VIBSCO's iSolution can be adapted for any business requirements, customized for any business, industry, or individual, and is designed to not only support growth, but facilitate it.

With this methodology, we are able to provide faster, more robust and more adaptable solutions for almost all business requirements at a fraction of the cost and time.

Best of all, our software products are all interchangeable modules that have been designed to work independently, in conjunction with other iSolution products or as part of the iSolution superset.


VIBSCO - iSolution VIBSCO - iSolution:

A lot has changed in the world of business. The traditional methods for operating an organization no longer work in today's business environment. Business challenges require dynamic and powerful solutions that not only solve problems but do so in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. With an infrastructure modeled on efficiency, adaptability, and scalability, VIBSCO - iSolution delivers the dynamic and versatile technology solutions that businesses need to strive in today's complex and ever-changing business environment.

VIBSCO - iSolution was designed to take into account the particular needs of different businesses. Organizations with unique business requirements that are not currently addressed in any of the iSolution modules can rest assured that VIBSCO's modular, object-based architecture lets each iSolution system be designed around any-sized organization's current or growing requirements. All of iSolution's modules can be quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively enhanced or supplemented in order to provide a precise solution that optimizes operational efficiency and fulfills even the most unique of business requirements.