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VIBSCO - Forward Thinking, Innovative Solutions.

A Solution Provider for your Software Needs

The proliferation of software in the business world often makes it difficult to find the right solution. How does one decide which product truly addresses the needs and budget of a particular business? Concerns of scalability, user interaction, training, reporting and the business process should all be considered before a final decision is made.

As a technology consulting firm, VIBSCO specializes in software solutions and project management. Our confidence, expertise and performance in this field serve as our strongest assets. Our team of professional analysts and technical engineers will work closely with you in order to fully understand your business requirements before recommending, either, an existing proprietary software package or a custom developed solution. Either way, we will ensure that all requirements are met and the right solution implemented for the right business need.

VIBSCO is also open to creating partnerships with interested parties during and after the life of a project. The possibilities are endless when utilizing the synergy of our partnerships.

Our expertise in this field includes, but is not limited to, the followings:


Implementation Planning:

Implementing a new software solution takes great care and finesse. Disruption of business processes and/or experiencing delayed down time is unacceptable. VIBSCO understands how to approach and handle Implementation projects. We run a tight ship to make the transition as painless as possible.


E-Commerce Planning:

According to a report from Jupiter Research, the next five years will see large growth in e-commerce spending. VIBSCO implements e-solutions to streamline large amounts of client traffic performing online transactions. This will allow for increased handling of data and processes.


Enterprise Reporting Systems:

Analytical Reports are necessary for business decision making. VIBSCO has the expertise to extract, manipulate and present data from data warehouses for your reporting needs. We can implement an existing solution or code a custom program that is suited to your specific requirements to ultimately meet your reporting needs.


Strategic Business and Technology Planning:

VIBSCO is in line with developing strategic plans. We will evaluate your business processes, perform technology assessments, and create a to-do list of priority projects that will address your operational, functional and organizational needs.


Requirements Gathering:

Requirements Gathering of any project is crucial. Without proper documentation, the analysis of needs will not be complete. VIBSCO's Consultants will take the time to interview key personnel on current business processes and workflow to ensure the software solution meets and exceeds expectations.


Technology Assessment:

The Technology needs of an organization will change every two years. VIBSCO takes this into consideration when performing a Technology Assessment of your organization. This assessment will allow us to analyze your immediate and future operational needs.


Software Discovery and Selection:

Evaluating alternative software solutions to meet your immediate and future needs is no easy task. Business requirements, technology status and budgetary guidelines are just the beginning. VIBSCO's Software Consultants are well versed in the latest software solutions. From our experience, we feel very confident in choosing and implementing an enterprise wide solution that will more than satisfy your requirements and fall within budget.


Project Management:

Time is of the essence when deadlines exist which is why we are very committed to the success of all projects we are involved in. From the initial creation of the project plan to its final deliverables, we work with you until the completion of the project. We want our clients to be assured at the end of the project that all items on the Statement of Work have been delivered in a professional and timely manner.


Business Process and Workflow:

Allowing inefficient business processes to continue without correcting them will cause employees to become unproductive. VIBSCO will evaluate your current environment to see where faulty inadequate processes exist and implement the right solution to address them.