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VIBSCO - Forward Thinking, Innovative Solutions.

A Solution Provider for your Software Needs

Every solution needs a solid maintenance plan. Software needs to stay up to date, so that it can continue serving your needs in the most efficient manner and every business must have an action plan in place so that software emergencies can be handled timely and quickly. VIBSCO will work with you to setup a schedule for this action plan, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best. Rest assured, your mission critical processes will continue to function with a maintenance plan in place.

What would happen if you experienced a hardware failure or a major security disaster in which mission critical data was lost? How long would it take for your business to recover from that event? With VIBSCO at your side you don't have to worry about horrifying questions like these. Our technicians work hard to reduce and even eliminate the possibility of the disasters caused by lack of security and maintenance so that your business can operate smoothly, without interference.

The concern for data loss should not be whether it will occur, rather, when it will occur and how serious or disruptive it will be. Operational down time is inevitable but data loss can be minimized--if not prevented altogether. With a backup solution and disaster recovery plan, VIBSCO makes the transition period of recovery run smoothly. And most important of all, our consultants work to develop and implement an action plan that's right for your business because a generic solution just doesn't cut it when it comes to maintenance and security.

Security is a major issue in the business world. Without the proper security, your business is at risk of harmful intrusions from the internet. VIBSCO's goal is to ensure a safe environment for your business by providing you with the latest internet protections and anti virus software. However, anti-virus alone cannot protect your business. The software your business utilizes must also be kept up to date and bug free. Error free software means secure and reliable software, and that ultimately creates a better business.

Our expertise in this field includes, but is not limited to, the followings:


Keep Operating System and Software's up-to-date with their Service Packs:

Operating systems and the software that runs on them are the most vulnerable of all technologies utilized in any business. Serving as the work environment for most of your organizations, the operating system is constantly under heavy use. While dozens of unauthorized and sometimes harmful third party applications are downloaded to it on a daily basis. Further worsening the instability that most businesses experience with their software and operating systems is the fact that most organizations either don't know how, or are just too busy to keep their operating systems and programs up-to-date. Consequently, the glitches and security vulnerabilities in software and operating systems are never corrected, or corrected too late. With VIBSCO's maintenance services you can ensure that your organizations systems are running correctly, up-to-date, and virus free so that you and your employees can do what you do best without the annoyances of faulty and insecure software.


Implement backup Solutions:

Your organizations data is probably its most important asset. Whether you may have millions of dollars in account receivable and account payable data or thousands of pages of legal briefs, your company's data is priceless and cannot be replaced. VIBSCO's comprehensive backup solutions ensure that all your organizations mission critical data is backed up on a daily basis and in multiple locations. With VIBSCO maintenance your organization's most important assets are safe from an office fire, a complete server meltdown, or just the accidental deletion of an important file or presentation.


Implement Disaster Recovery Plan:

Accidents and disasters are unavoidable. There is always a chance that your systems may crash or some unpredictable and unavoidable disaster will occur. The world is unpredictable and although we can hope for the best, we must always prepare for the worst. VIBSCO's Disaster Recovery Plans minimize the impact of those "once in a blue moon" type disasters, ensuring that costly downtime is kept to a minimum or altogether eliminated. Some companies depend upon the reliability of their services in order to remain competitive, while other organizations are regulated by strict industry standards that require a recovery and continuity plan. Regardless of your business type, being caught unprepared during a disaster results in lost revenues, diminished productivity, sacrificed sales opportunities, and sometimes costly litigation. We identify your critical business processes and assess the impact of any number of disasters on your business. After identifying all the risks endangering your critical business processes VIBSCO's Disaster Recovery specialists develop and implement disaster recovery and workflow continuity policies and procedures that prepare your organization to deal with disasters, securing your assets from consequences harmful to the prosperity of your business.


Keep Network Secure and free of any Viruses:

Now, more than ever, network security is one of the most critical aspects of overall business security. Hackers, viruses, and malicious software are everywhere and it's important to protect your companies servers and workstations from dangerous threats. Whether you like it or not, your company is constantly facing these risks. Fortunately, VIBSCO strives to reduce the risks and provides security services tailored to your organizations needs, ensuring that your networks are secure, your servers are virus free, and your information is untouched.