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VIBSCO - Forward Thinking, Innovative Solutions.

A Solution Provider for your Software Needs

No one can deny the crucial role technology plays in business today. Our computers, networks, and applications are the lifeblood of our businesses. Business today can't operate profitably without a stable, secure, efficient, and robust technology infrastructure. Unfortunately technology is useless if its not properly maintained. In fact, most businesses that fail or become stagnant nowadays, do so because of a mismanagement of their technology assets.

Even though many people recognize the crucial value of technology maintenance, most businesses don't have the budget or the need to hire a full time IT staff for their business, instead they usually deal with their technology infrastructure when problems arise. Unfortunately, not maintaining technology is extremely risky and dangerous for your business. It is becoming increasingly more important that businesses maintain a stable and secure technology infrastructure.

Efficient use of technology is key to efficient workflow. System downtime today means increased costs and massive headaches tomorrow.

At VIBSCO, we provide our customers with an alternative to the high cost IT department. VIBSCO's comprehensive technology services ensure that our client's systems stay maintained, stable, secure, and most importantly--reliable. We help our clients adapt to new technologies, train their staff, and make sure all data is properly converted between systems. Most importantly, our unique method for providing services is specifically tailored to your business needs, ensuring the maximization of your bottom line and ultimate satisfaction.

It's our job to make sure you're focus is on business. VIBSCO is ready and willing to help solve any hardware, software, network, or security issues you face in your business. In order to make sure your workflow isn't jeopardized, VIBSCO provides our clients with friendly and understandable support at any given time. Whether it be on the phone, on the internet, or onsite, VIBSCO's technicians are always ready to support our customers and solve their technical difficulties.


Consulting Consulting:

As a technology consulting firm, VIBSCO specializes in software solutions and project management. Our confidence, expertise and performance in this field serve as our strongest assets. Our team of professional analysts and technical engineers will work closely with you in order to fully understand your business requirements before recommending, either, an existing proprietary software package or a custom developed solution. Either way, we will ensure that all requirements are met and the right solution implemented for the right business need.


Consulting Development:

With technology becoming increasingly essential for the successful operation of business, you can't afford not to implement and leverage technology in your business processes. VIBSCO provides our clients with a strategic approach to addressing the development, integration, and implementation of technology solutions into your workflow. We employ proven and flexible methodologies that allow us to develop and deliver solutions in a cost effective manner, while ensuring that the most efficient and proper technology is developed for your business requirements.


Training Training:

Most software products in today's workplace are under-utilized because of a lack of training. At VIBSCO, we understand the importance of training. From traditional to interactive web-based training; we have the expertise to fulfill your business needs. Our training programs will allow your team members to begin working with their software in a short period of time; utilizing specific features to help your business processes run more efficiently. We also develop custom training packages that can be reused for new employees. Our training programs seek to help our clients unlock the full potential of their software.


Technical Support Technical Support:

VIBSCO provides our clients with friendly and understandable support at any given time. We offer phone support, online support, and if need be on site support for all your technical difficulties. VIBSCO is ready and willing to help solve any hardware, software, network, or security issues you face in the office. We maintain a professional help desk that tracks support issues from the initial call to the final resolution. So rest assured, VIBSCO monitors all its support cases, ensuring that no client is left unsupported.


Maintenance Maintenance:

What would happen if you experienced a hardware failure or a major security disaster in which mission critical data was lost? How long would it take for your business to recover from that event? Every solution needs a solid maintenance plan. Software needs to stay up to date, so that it can continue serving your needs in the most efficient manner and every business must have an action plan in place so that software emergencies can be handled timely and quickly. With VIBSCO at your side you don't have to worry about horrifying questions like these. Our technicians work hard to reduce and even eliminate the possibility of the disasters caused by lack of security and maintenance so that your business can operate smoothly, without interference.