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VIBSCO - Forward Thinking, Innovative Solutions.

A Solution Provider for your Software Needs

VIBSCO is a technology-oriented and customer-focused company that provides business driven solutions to organizations seeking access to the innovative solutions that drive the productivity and growth of businesses today.

There is no question about it, technology has become essential for the management of business today. Technology solutions address key challenges facing your business and help create new opportunities for your future. Therefore, how you choose, align, implement, and integrate technology solutions, have a strong bearing on business results. IT solutions that enable flexibility, manageability, reliability, security, and scalability optimize your performance, allowing for a dynamic and productive workflow that supports your business goals.

VIBSCO's solid technology solutions help refine the vital business processes affecting your performance and management. By improving workflow and business operation, our solutions help you focus on growing your business.


VIBSCO's Solutions Deliver:

Flexibility and Manageability:
  With internet technology, VIBSCO can customize a business solution for any business. Our innovative solutions give you greater control over everything from the finances and security of your business to the workflow and management of critical information.

VIBSCO's flexible solutions transform the traditionally burdensome IT environment into a business asset, helping you lower operational costs, reduce risk, and accelerate business growth.
Security and Reliability:
  An unreliable solution is burdensome and unproductive, while an unsecure one is nothing more than a business liability.

The technology solutions that drive business processes are essential to the prosperity of any business.

VIBSCO understands that the future of your business depends upon a secure and reliable methodology that solves challenges and delivers progress. With industry leading technologies at our disposal, VIBSCO's professional staff of technicians and analysts maintains an intelligent solution infrastructure that ensures both a secure and reliable business environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Whether the technology solution you need is provided from our high tech data centers or stored on your inhouse servers, your workflow will proceed in a secure environment that isn't limited by a static operation. VIBSCO's solutions will help your business operation break the limitations of time and space, allowing you to conduct your business anytime, anywhere, and anyway. With VIBSCO you get a reliable solution based on superb technology, supported by an automated solution system that prevents business downtime and ensures productivity.
Scalability and continued Growth:
  We believe that it's important for your solution systems to grow with your company. The scalability of business solutions are essential to the successful operation of any business. Our solution systems are built upon a highly secure, scalable technology infrastructure that's flexible enough to handle any enterprise's requirements.

By utilizing internet technology VIBSCO provides adaptive and dynamic solutions that eliminate the complications associated with upgrading traditional software solutions and accommodate the growth of your business, all without resulting in an exponential rise in costs.

The scalability of VIBSCO's solutions ensure that both your business and the technology driving its success continue to grow.

Media Manager Media Manager:

VIBSCO - Media Manager is an addition to the VIBSCO - iSolution suite of software. Media Manager is a Web-based application that provides a unique way to connect with range of media formats, and makes it easy to share Information, images, art, videos, photos, and more with variety of audiences, from clients to guests. It can be utilized as a virtual showroom to showcase selections of products for the end user as well as the browser. With Media Manager, businesses can give their customers the convenience of accessing, ordering or designing their particular product of interest, all through the convenience of the internet.


Financial Solutions Financial Solutions:

Regardless of the size of your organization, managing finances can be a very overwhelming task, especially when you're faced with a number of immediate concerns on a daily basis. Quite naturally, these distractions take time away from the long term financial planning of your business ultimately harm the progress of your company.

The prosperity and continued growth of any organization is dependent on the effective management of its finances. VIBSCO provides fully integrated and customizable financial management solutions that help you transform the way you record, track, and access the critical financial information your business depends upon. Without having to invest in the maintenance of a full blown financial department, VIBSCO's financial packages help your business automate and streamline all the various fiscal processes of your organization so that you don't have to worry about micromanaging every aspect of your business.

Depending on the unique needs of your business, VIBSCO can provide your company with specialized financial modules or an all in one financial package designed to handle the complete financial management of your business.


Medical Solutions Medical Solutions:

Healthcare is facing new challenges every day. Patients are exhibiting more complex conditions. Insurance reimbursements are shrinking and becoming harder to collect. Government regulations are pushing for greater efficiency, quality, and standardization. Meanwhile, healthcare technology is advancing at a rapid pace, becoming more expensive and complex, day by day. All these obstacles put heavy demands on your business, handicap workflow, and often times dictate priorities by bringing attention to issues of immediate concern, while overshadowing long term organizational decisions.

Like any other organization, a healthcare office requires management on a number of levels. It's no secret that running a medical practice today is very complicated, difficult, and extremely time consuming. Ideally, the medical practitioner's responsibility--aside from treating patients--is to worry about the financial aspect of the business, while his or her staff has to oversee the daily functions of the office--from the scheduling of appointments and the processing of claims to the managing of patients and their documents. Often times, however, the head of the office just doesn't have the resources to properly manage various office responsibilities, causing much of the burden to fall onto his or her shoulders.

For any modern office to grow and prosper nowadays, its mission-critical functions must be managed on a micro level, while planning is made at the macro level. As competition and the drive to cut costs continue to affect the business environment of the healthcare industry, technology is becoming more and more a necessity for the growth of business.

VIBSCO's healthcare management solutions deliver flexibility, manageability, security, reliability, and scalability all at an affordable price. Our solutions help your practice manage ifs flow of data and finances in an intelligible and flexible way, giving you the overall picture you need to assess the health of your practice in order to make decisions that are critical for its future , while providing your managers and support staff with the tools they needs to maintain efficient workflow.